A-Класс Хэтчбек

Готов для нового поколения

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Витамин В. Повышает тягу к приключениям

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C-Класс Седан

Лучшее не знает альтернатив

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C-Класс Купе

Новый C-Class Купе. Заводит мгновенно

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Разнообразен как современная жизнь

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CLA Купе


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Shooting Brake

Новый CLA Shooting Brake

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CLS Купе


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CLS Универсал

Новое поколение обретает новую форму

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E-Класс Седан

Искусство интеллекта

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E-Класс Купе

Интеллектуальный шедевр

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Интеллектуальное совершенство

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G-Класс. Современная классика

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G-Класс. Возвращение легенды

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Свобода заразительна

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GLE Купе

Новый Mercedes-Benz GLE Купе

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Новый Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

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Новый Mercedes-Benz GLC

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GLC Купе

Совершенно новый GLC Coupé. Быть лучшим на любой дороге

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Новый Mercedes-Benz GLS

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S-Класс Седан

Испытайте интеллект в движении

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S-Класс Купе

Совершенное видение

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S-Класс Кабриолет


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Классика будущего

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SLC Родстер

Новый Mercedes-Benz SLC

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V-Класс Минивэн

Полон жизни

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Это не звезда, это комета

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Interior comfort – generous sportiness


Enjoy remarkable free space – not only with the top open

With its generous amount of space, the new E-Class Cabriolet proves how open driving pleasure and the highest level of comfort fit together. A variety of material and colour combinations, an individual light concept as well as many further equipment options even give your personal style its required space.

The availability of equipment depends on the engine and the configuration selected. You will find details in the equipment information for each model.

AIR BALANCE package (optional)

Personalise your vehicle's interior in a very special way: With a selection of diverse high-class fragrances to choose from, this package makes your vehicle occupants feel even better, particularly on long journeys.

The vehicle interior can be fragranced to suit individual tastes with the AIR BALANCE package. There is a choice of five high-quality interior fragrances according to personal preference and mood. Furthermore, the air quality can be improved through ionisation and through optimised filtering of interior and exterior air.

The AIR-BALANCE package is delivered with a space scent matching the vehicle character. For the E-Class Cabriolet, the delivery package includes the exclusively developed scent DAYBREAK MOOD.

AIRCAP (optional)

When driving with the top open, AIRCAP reduces air turbulence in the vehicle interior for all passengers, including rear-seat passengers. When the AIRCAP switch is operated, a wind deflector is deployed on the windscreen and the draught-stop located between the two rear seat headrests is raised.

This pushes the air flow arc above the passenger compartment. In this way both air turbulence and noise are significantly reduced. The draught stop together with the air deflector are deployed and retracted by means of a button on the centre console.

AIRSCARF (optional)

With this neck-level heating open-top motoring is a pleasure, even when the outside temperature is low. Pleasantly warm air is blown out from air outlets in the head restraints and warms neck and throat of driver and front-passenger like an invisible scarf. The desired airflow intensity can be adjusted in three levels.

The air to be warmed flows over heating strips that are heated by a PTC heating element. A fan the ensures the appropriate outflow speed.

The quantity of air is controlled by the AIRSCARF level, set by the customer, and, when the roof is open, additionally controlled by the road speed. At up to a road speed of 80 km/h the ventilation intensity rises automatically and holds its maximum ventilation performance at higher speeds. This ensures the best-possible heat distribution is achieved, depending on the comfort request of the driver and passenger as well as whether or not the soft top is open.

Ambient lighting (optional)

Getting in and feeling at home – with its pleasant, indirect light the ambience lighting creates an unrivalled sense of well-being throughout the interior. 64 different colours are available to configure your preferred lighting effect. The brightness can be dimmed in five stages.

One of the highlights of the ambience lighting of the new E-Class Cabriolet is a rear illumination, flush to the fabric top, in multicoloured LED.

Analogue clock (optional)

The high-quality round-dial analogue clock with the Mercedes star is easily visible in its position in the dashboard console.

Remote control for auxiliary heating (optional)

Ensures cosy warmth as soon as you get in: The auxiliary heating for the interior of the vehicle can be activated conveniently with the radio remote control from a distance of up to 300 metres. It signals the successful establishment of a radio connection and shows the remaining heating or ventilation time.

Galvanised steering-wheel gearshift paddles

The galvanised steering wheel shift paddles in silver chrome with their fine sporty air additionally heighten the value appeal of the interior. At the same time they make possible a dynamic style of driving without the driver having to take his hands off the steering wheel.

Belt feeders

The belt feeders make it easier for driver and front passenger to put on their seat belts. After getting into the car the seat belt is automatically moved into a more convenient position. The seat belt feeders can also be triggered by pressing a button on the centre console.

THERMATIC automatic climate control

THERMATIC automatic climate control with two climate zones provides individual climate control. The temperature can be controlled separately for each side. The air is cooled or heated automatically according to setting.

THERMATIC keeps the climate in each zone automatically constant at the desired levels. Several sensors ensure this, registering, e.g. interior and outside temperature, but also sun incidence. In addition a fine particles/active charcoal filter enhances the air quality in the vehicle interior.

THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control (optional)

The automatic climate control system with three climate zones and three climate modes provides an individual feel-good climate on board. Driver and passenger can set preferred temperature and air distribution for their own seats. The temperature for the rear can be separately adjusted.

There are three climate styles to choose from, which adapt the airflow to suit individual preferences – "diffused", "medium" or "focused".

THERMOTRONIC keeps the climate in each zone automatically constant at the desired levels. This is made possible by a large number of sensors, which, in addition to internal and external temperature, also record the intensity of sun rays. A sensor for air quality and noxious gases permanently monitors the quality of the exterior air drawn in.

Steering column, manually adjustable

The steering column is manually adjustable for height and reach, enabling drivers to adjust the position of the steering wheel to suit their requirements.

Multifunction steering wheel, heated (optional)

The heated steering wheel rim warms the gripping surface of the steering wheel to around 35 degrees celsius in the shortest of times on cold days, thus ensuring your hands are pleasantly warm. It is switched on and off by turning the control stalk for settings on the multifunction steering wheel.

Nappa leather multifunction steering wheel

The 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather, with deep embossing in the central grip area and with steering-wheel gearshift paddles and galvanised silver chrome steering wheel trim has a Touch Control button and four keys on each side.

Multicontour seats for driver and front passenger (optional)

On long journeys in particular a comfortable seat position provides decisive support for the condition of the passengers. Thanks to their inflatable air chambers, the active multicontour seats with massage function ensure the best possible seating comfort. Both the driver and front passenger can adjust their seats to fit their stature. This also includes a 4-way lumbar support.

Heated seats for driver and front passenger (optional)

On cold days the seat heating for driver and front-passenger provides cosy warmth as required in no time at all. The occupants each have a choice between three heating levels at the push of a button.

Heated rear seats (optional)

If you take a seat in the rear compartment on cold days, you can enjoy cosy warmth in no time at all with the heated seats. Passengers on the two outer seats can choose from three levels at the push of a button. The heating automatically turns itself down and off.

Climate-controlled seats for driver and front passenger (optional)

The seat climate control guarantees the highest seating comfort in all ambient temperatures and allows the driver and passengers to arrive relaxed.

Thanks to active ventilation, on hot days the climatised seats quickly cool down the surface of the seats to a pleasant temperature and create a balanced seat climate. In cold weather the on-demand seat heating provides cosy warmth as required.

Sun visor, pull-out (optional)

The side-pivoting, extending sun visors for driver and passenger protect against irritating incidence of light from the front or the side. A vanity mirror with LED lighting is integrated into the inner face of each.

Auxiliary heater, including auxiliary ventilation in the summer (optional)

Ice-free vision and pleasant temperatures in the interior all year round right from the start of the journey are provided by the auxiliary heating system, which can also be remotely controlled through your smartphone. In particular when a garage cannot be used, this represents a tangible gain in terms of comfort and safety.