Top-down driving – makes every journey an adventure


A revelation for you and your passengers

Careful, this Mercedes only needs 20 seconds to seduce you. As quickly as the soft top opens, that's how quickly it gets you and your sensory stimuli. In this moment, you only want to do one thing: share it. That's why the new E-Class Cabriolet offers four fully-fledged seats with plenty of free space and incomparable Cabriolet comfort at every time of year.

Without a roof. With taste.

The new E-Class Cabriolet combines two benefits that were long considered contradictions: open-top driving pleasure and the highest level of comfort in the interior for all passengers. This is made possible by the intelligent Cabriolet technology as well as the automatic AIRCAP draught stop system and the AIRSCARF neck-level heating.

AIRCAP revolutionises open-top driving: at the touch of a button a wind lamella is set up on the windscreen and a draught stop behind the rear headrests. This expands the flow curve over the entire passenger compartment – with noticeable consequences: air turbulence and noise are significantly reduced.

The optional AIRSCARF neck-level heating also ensures a pleasant atmosphere during open-top driving. Air outlets in the head restraints envelope the driver's and passenger's neck with cosy warm air like an invisible scarf. Driving a Cabriolet has never been more pleasant.

Four box seats under the heavens

Open-top travelling provides the most pleasure if you experience it together. That's why the new E-Class Cabriolet offers the highest level of comfort in all four seats. The passengers in the rear enjoy an amount of space unique in this class.

The interior of the new E-Class Cabriolet has grown significantly – the legroom in the rear alone is 47 millimetres larger than in the predecessor model. The passengers experience this structural benefit as a uniquely light sense of space.

Even in seating comfort the new E-Class Cabriolet sets new standards in every seat: The rear passengers have two sporty, striking seats with an individual seat character available to them, which are now available with seat heating for the first time. Getting in and out is made just as comfortable as the journey: thanks to the EASY-ENTRY access aid the passengers in the rear seats can also effortlessly find their seats.

A soft top demonstrates quiet restraint

The fully automated fabric acoustics top elegantly remains in the background. It is visually seamlessly integrated into the coupé design line and not only makes the new E-Class Cabriolet one of the most sensual, but also one of the quietest in its class.

The soft top ensures unique quiet-running and climate comfort on the highest level. It can be opened and closed at a road speed of up to 50 km/h. The fully automatic fabric acoustic soft top is available in black, dark brown, dark blue and dark red as standard. Real, year-round pleasure begins with this quiet-running.